day one ~ cowgirl

so today i got dumped, and let me tell you what. it sucked! As i sat in second period crying, my friend wrote me a note. she said you don't need a man to define who you are. you are strong and independant.

reading it, i realized that she was right. i stopped crying and dried my eyes. i will not let a breakup get me down. i put on a smile and went back to my happy usual self. :)

by this point your probably wondering why the title is cowgirl.

i'm a cowgirl, and what do cowgirls do when they get bucked off a horse? they get their ass back in the saddle and teach that horse a lesson. ive been ucked off many times, but everytime i got back on. i taught that horse a lesson. 

moral of the story? stop your wining and get on with life. you are better than just laying in bed crying over a guy that lost a good thing. is he really going to matter 20 years from now? hell no! i probably wont even remember him, so whats the point of letting it get me down.

i love life and i love to smile :D

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  1. itgirl10

    omg girl i can totaly relate to the whole story!! and your rite about the gettting bucked off a horse and teachin it a lesson i have never been bucked off my horse but i can tell you i have falen off him very many times!! and i have other horses too,but the point is,is most people think some cowgirls are all rough and tough but we arnt at all only rough and tough we are kind good hearted people and ya sure we may talk pretty hick but that dont mattter and we may not have the most soft and silky smooth hands but all that means is we work hard at wat we do!!and we sure as HECK DONT GIVE UP!! even if that horse has to drag me half way across the pasture im not gonna give up and walk in the house and say well i couldnt catch him im gonna hang on til that dum butt horse gets the idea that he cant get away with runnin off with me!!! do you at all get where im comin from??????

    December 06, 2011