day two~ downfall

today was diffinately not my day. i have come to the conclusion that i am probably on of the biggest bitches you will ever meet. Most of the time i am just kidding around when im bein rude but other times im not. it;s not really my fault if you don't want to hear the truth.

so before my ex and i got together i had a group of friends that i always was with, but after mikey (my ex) and i got together i started drifiting away from them. i do not smoke weed and i'm not interested in people who do. this particular group of people started to get very heavily into drugs and alcohol, so i made the dicision to stop hangin out with them.

i decided today that i would pay them a visit and see how things were going. as soon as i show up they all bitch me out for not saying hi to them and ditching them for my bf. i guess they have the right to be mad but come on get over it.

i think the hardest thing was that one of them was my best friend. we had plans. she used to want to go to college and have a future, but all she wants to do now is to smoke weed have sex with girls and get emancipated.

i don't know if i should keep trying to persue our 'friendship', or to just give up.

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    if you want to succeed in life, you gotta do what you gotta do!

    November 15, 2011
  2. itgirl10

    well all i have to say for you is GET THAT GIRL SOME HELP!!!!

    December 06, 2011